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In the video you can see how to How To start V-RUN.  This option allows you to earn even if you don't walk. Just follow the procedure indicated in the video. V-Run is a way to use NFTs to earn additional rewards. With V-Run, you can put your NFTs to work and earn passive income without selling them. V-Run enables users to still earn, even when they are not running and capitalizes their sneakers usage.

On 1Move’s platform, NFT sneakers can be placed in a V-run mode for no specific time period and users continue to enjoy the full benefit of activities performed by these sneakers. These NFTs are locked in 1Move’s decentralized finance (DeFi)/ Move to Earn platforms in order to receive rewards without having to sell or lose ownership of their collection. Whilst in V-run mode, the NFTs will continue to generate tokens similar to the NFTs in an active state.

1Move’s V-Run provides multitude of advantages and benefit to users. A unique and distinctive approach of system mechanics that enables users to maximize their earnings even with them not performing any activities during the V-Run period. Considered as a one-of-a-kind application method within the ‘move to earn’ platforms, 1Move continues to provide the best alternatives to users with innovative ideas and enhanced improvements.
1. Your NFT will remain with you whilst still generating income.
2. Most NFT staking provides annual percentage yield (APY) but 1Move NFTs in the V-Run mode awards income to users daily.

Terms & Conditions
1.     V-RUN ENTRY
Entitled only for Walker & Jogger
Sneaker level shall be at level 15 minimum
Minimum 4 Energy – this is equal to minimum 3 sneakers in V-Run mode.
Earnings will take affect after first full energy is replenished

Sneaker repair
Sneaker upgrading (Level Up)
Attribute points distributions
Sneaker minting (available in V-Run mode as long as sneaker is in perfect condition)

V-RUN Earnings & Receivables

80% of the overall movement income for accounts with more than 10 Energy
75% of the overall movement income for accounts with 10 Energy or less
Users will not receive any treasure chest whilst in V-Run mode

To register you need to download and install the official App. Choose the App according to your device.

To register on 1move you must have a referral code. Here are two codes that you can use to sign up. Choose one of the codes and enter them in the app when you are signing up.

Referal code:



To register, preferably use a Gmail email account. Other email providers may not work correctly.
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