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How to create a Bitkeep account

To buy the 1Move virtual shoe you must use Bitkeep as a wallet. If you don't have this wallet, here you will find the quick and easy procedure to open this wallet.

First you need to install the bitkeep app to manage the tokens you will generate with 1Move. You can download the app for your operating system from here:

After you have installed the Bitkeep app, you need to create an account.

Select New Wallet.  If you already have a Bitkeep account, select Import Wallet.

Here you find 12 sentences placed in a particular order. These phrases are access to your wallet.

Now you have to copy these sentences exactly as reported in your app and in the right order and write them on a paper notebook to keep. You will need these phrases when you need to connect the 1move App with Bitkeep and to access your account.
Attention! If you lose these phrases, you will no longer be able to access your bitkeep wallet. Keep this data carefully.

In the next screen you are asked for some phrases from your account. Check the sentences you wrote on paper and enter them as required.

You are then asked to enter a password which you will need to create.  You will be prompted for this password from time to time to perform certain operations.

Congratulations you have created your account.

Now click at the top right on All mainnets

Select BNB Chain

Now you can add the 2 tokens that are used in the 1Move app. The 2 tokens are: 1MT and 1RT.  To do this click on the + button

Click on the search bar and copy this address:


You will see the writing 1MT. Continue the procedure.

Congratulations you have added the 1MT token.

Follow the same procedure to add the 1RT token as well.

Copy this address and enter it in the search bar:


How to transfer BNB to Bitkeep
Now that you have created your Bitkeep account, you need to transfer BNB (Cryptocurrency) from another external wallet you own. On this page we show you the procedure of the Binance crypto wallet which is one of the best known, however the procedure is similar for other wallets.

First go to the bitkeep App and select BNB

Click on receive

Copy the address where you will need to transfer the BNB

Now go to Binance and click on Spot.  If you already have the BNBs to transfer you can proceed with the withdrawal, otherwise you will first have to buy the BNBs by credit card, bank transfer or other available options.

Select Withdraw

BNB selection to be sent as a crypto network

Paste the Bitkeep BNB address

Enter the quantity of BNB to send.  Remember that to buy a virtual shoe you must have at least 1 BNB.  Remember to add a small part for the transfer fees you will make from bitkeep

If you want to buy 3 shoes on 1move you have to transfer 3 BNB

Enter the code sent to you on your email

After a few minutes you should see the BNBs you have transferred to Bitkeep

How to buy the shoe on 1Move
After you put the BNBs on Bitkeep it is time to transfer them to 1Move. Open the 1Move App and click on the top right.

As you can see from this screen, you still don't have any credit to spend.

To transfer BNBs from Bitkeep to 1Move, click on Wallet.  Send the code to your email and then enter it where requested.

Choose restore Wallet

Enter the 12 Bitkeep phrases you wrote on paper and click on import

Create a transaction password or enter one you have already created and click confirm

Operation succesfully complete

Now from this screen you can see the cryptocurrencies you have on bitkeep hard from the 1move App because you have successfully connected your wallet.  Now you have to transfer the BNBs from the Wallet to Spending

Click on change currency

Choose BNB

Click on transfer

Click on to spending

Enter the quantity of BNB to be transferred

Congratulations, you have now transferred the BNB to 1Move

Now go back to the main 1move screen and click on the shoe

You are asked if you want to buy 1 shoe or 3 shoes

Choose the type of shoe based on your movement habits.  Walker is for those who walk while Jogger is for those who prefer to run

Click on Mint

Well done. You bought your first shoe. To start earning click on Start running

Token conversion on Bitkeep
If you want to convert the 1Mt token into 1RT proceed in this way. Select 1MT.

You will find the word swap

Click on Swap

Enter your personal pin (Password)

Click on next step

On the summary page you will find the cryptocurrency conversion.

If you wish, you can also convert 1MT and 1RT tokens into other cryptocurrencies such as USDT. After selecting the token click on swap.

Select USDT and confirm

Here you find the conversion value

To register you need to download and install the official App. Choose the App according to your device.

To register on 1move you must have a referral code. Here are two codes that you can use to sign up. Choose one of the codes and enter them in the app when you are signing up.

Referal code:



To register, preferably use a Gmail email account. Other email providers may not work correctly.
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