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1Move is an App that allows you to earn while walking. Payment is made via the App token (Cryptocurrency) which can be withdrawn and converted at any time. Daily earnings are very attractive.

You can earn in 2 ways:

1: You walk every day for a few minutes and get money in the App.

2 Share the project with others with your affiliate code and get additional bonuses and rewards.

How to get started:

After you have installed the App and signed up you will need to buy 1 NFT (The virtual shoe you will use to generate income). You can buy this shoe directly from the App.

To start earning, buy at least 1 shoe among the 2 proposed models. Based on the numbers of virtual shoes you own, you can increase your earnings.

The Walker shoe is suitable for those who prefer to walk while using this app.

The Jogger shoe is more suitable for those who prefer to run.

1 shoe costs 1 BNB. BNB is a cryptocurrency. To buy this cryptocurrency you must first have a personal wallet where you can buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies. Some well-known wallets are Binance and Huobi.

To register you need to download and install the official App. Choose the App according to your device.

To register on 1move you must have a referral code. Here are two codes that you can use to sign up. Choose one of the codes and enter them in the app when you are signing up.

Referal code:



To register, preferably use a Gmail email account. Other email providers may not work correctly.
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