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Why exercise outdoors when I can go to the gym?

They say it’s the state-of-art equipment. Some might say the company around them when working out, or perhaps the presence of like-minded individuals who are there as a motivation for others. Those are valid reasons and we couldn’t agree more on some of them.
1Move | 28/2/2023

Can you really earn $100 a day on 1Move?

Countless of 1Move users are able to make $50, $100, and even $200 a day by completing some exercise routines over the course of a few minutes to a couple of hours. Therefore, it’s certainly quite possible to earn decent money on 1Move. For most 1Move users, the platform provides a good source of supplemental income, having to face many economic issues surrounding the world today, notably inflation.
1Move | 28/2/2023
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