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Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest is a loot box that is randomly awarded to users. It contains Artifacts of Efficiency, Luck, Firmness & Durability. Each user has 4 Treasure Chest slots.

Treasure Chests have 5 different qualities. Each chest has a waiting period and the countdown timer will begin immediately after receiving a treasure chest. The duration of waiting time for each treasure chest is unique and will depend on the quality of the chest. The higher the quality of chest, the more time it’ll take to open.  

Treasure Chest Quality


To register you need to download and install the official App. Choose the App according to your device.

To register on 1move you must have a referral code. Here are two codes that you can use to sign up. Choose one of the codes and enter them in the app when you are signing up.

Referal code:



To register, preferably use a Gmail email account. Other email providers may not work correctly.
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