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Artifacts and Sockets

Users are able to unlock artifact sockets once their sneakers reach a certain level, and are able to enhance their Sneaker Attributes by inserting the corresponding Artifacts into the unlocked Sockets (i.e. only Efficiency Artifacts can be placed into Efficiency Sockets). Artifacts are received from their treasure chests or through purchase in the market place. There are 4 types of artifacts, with different color representing an attribute.

Artifact Types

Green: Efficiency
Grey: Luck
Blue: Firmness
Red: Durability

A Sneaker has four different Sockets, identified by colors that match an Artifact type. Users insert Artifacts into the Socket to boost the Sneaker's Attributes. One Socket is unlocked each time the Sneaker reaches level 5, 10, 15, and 20 respectively. Higher Socket quality will give extra boost to the inserted Artifact's Attribute.

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