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Energy System

Energy replenishes 25% every 6 hours until it reaches the Energy Maximum Cap. Users who start with one Sneaker will receive 2 Energy Caps whilst users who begin with 3 sneakers will get a maximum cap of 4 Energy. Users can increase their maximum Energy by holding more Sneakers. In addition, should there are any higher quality sneaker in their inventory, the total energy cap will also increase.

Additional Energy (cumulative) is given to users for higher Quality Sneakers:

  1. Owning a Standard Sneaker: +1 Energy

  2. Owning an Athletics Sneaker: +2 Energy

  3. Owning a Pro Sneaker: +3 Energy

  4. Owning a Champion Sneaker: +4 Energy
To register you need to download and install the official App. Choose the App according to your device.

To register on 1move you must have a referral code. Here are two codes that you can use to sign up. Choose one of the codes and enter them in the app when you are signing up.

Referal code:



To register, preferably use a Gmail email account. Other email providers may not work correctly.
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